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Protect Yourself With Our Rugged Camera Systems and Cover Your Assets!

Based in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Drivers Pro-Tec is proud to offer the first dash camera system designed especially for truckers! These are the only three and four-channel dash cameras available to truckers in Canada and the central United States. They are also the most weatherproof dash cameras available on the market.

Three-Channel DPT-CYA-4000A

Our 3 Channel Dash-cam, the DPT-CYA-4000A, is the only one of its kind. With one forward facing camera with a touch screen and two mirrored cameras that can be mounted on mirror brackets or front fenders, you have an unparalleled recording of the most important angles. And by leaving the passenger side camera on full screen on your monitor, you have an extra “mirror” to monitor your blind spot.

Three-Channel DPT-CYA-4000A

Additional Features:

• 4.0" High Definition Full Touch Screen
• Uses up to 128GB SD Card
• Powered from your vehicles 12V system
• IP69 Rated
• Optional GPS
• Capacitor for Battery


DPT-CYA 4000C Basically the same as our DPT-CYA 4000C, but made for cars, light trucks and SUV's. Our unique mounting doesn't require any holes to be drilled in body panels! DPT-CYA 4000C


Our 4 channel Camera system, the DPT-CYA-Quattro, is a true Mobile Digital Video Recording System. Recording in HD1, 720p, the images are crisp and amazingly clear. Controlled via a Wi-Fi connection from a smart-phone or tablet, it can be mounted out of sight. As with the DPT-CYA-4000A, the Quattro cameras are typically mounted in the windshield and on the rear view mirrors, however there is a fourth camera available and it can be mounted in a variety of locations. One is to mount it on the headache rack to monitor the loads of heavy equipment haulers. Another is to mount it on the passenger side back up light bracket facing forward (non mirrored camera) to see up the side of the truck and eliminate that blind spot. And yet another use for the fourth camera is at the very back of the trailer. Of course this will only work if you pull the same wagon all of the time and it requires some extra hardware in the form of a tractor/trailer plug. Heck, you could put another forward facing windshield mounted cam in, giving you and even more panoramic recording of the road ahead. And we're working on other uses that are going to be announced soon!

Additional Features:

• HD Recording
• Uses Up to 128GB SD Card
• All Wiring Included
• Three External Cameras
• Optional Remote LCD Monitor
• Optional GPS
• IP69 Rated
• Optional Extension Cables
• Separate Windshield Unit with Audio Capabilities
Quattro Features
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