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Hindsight is 20/20

The First Real Dash Camera for Truckers

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Road safety affects everyone. Drivers Pro-Tec will provide solutions. Our forward thinking vision will make the highways safer by providing accountability and protection.

  • Accountability and protection in the form of 24/7 video recording surrounding the entire vehicle.
  • Accountability and protection for law enforcement by providing instant, on the scene replay of events.
  • Accountability and protection for insurance providers with absolute determination of fault.
  • Accountability and protection for the drivers through recording events that prove they weren't at fault in an incident.

There are 4.5 million heavy trucks on North American roads, yet less than 15% employ any type of dashboard camera. From these owners come a myriad of glowing reports which reinforce how vehicle cameras shield drivers from potential legal problems and baseless accusations.

Dash Cameras

Here are Six Reasons to have a Mobile Video Solution from Drivers Pro-Tec.

  • Have a record of your Accident.
    If the other driver is 100% at fault, video can prove it, often right on the spot. Memories get foggy after an accident and insurance companies want to settle claims as quickly and cheaply as possible. That often means attaching blame to the innocent party. Having video of the accident just makes sense.
  • Get out of a ticket.
    If you're stopped for a traffic violation you didn't commit, your camera footage can provide proof of your innocence. If the officer won't watch it, you have valuable evidence for court.
  • Improve your driving skills.
    Let's face it, most of us could improve our driving skill! As professional drivers, you are confident in your ability to be safe and efficient in your job. But we should never become complacent. A clean driving record will mean a good driver discount on insurance.
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  • Keep an eye on your unattended vehicle.
    Truck stop parking lots can be the most dangerous places on the road! Sad to say but the level professionalism in the trucking industry isn't what it used to be. Inexperienced drivers can and do bump into other trucks, and in order to not lose their job they often do not report it! Having a multi camera Mobile Video Solution can help identify the hit and runner! From fuel theft to petty theft of equipment, Video can help police identify and convict thieves! The peace of mind that comes from knowing your truck is being monitored is priceless.
  • Fight insurance fraud.
    In a perfect world, everyone would be honest and forthright in their dealings with others. We know how that works out! The FBI estimates that insurance fraud amounts to more than $40 Billion per year! A spokesman for a large insurance fraud investigations team said, "People try to cheat the system every day, and dashcams have become a huge asset for our team and drivers to fight these fraudsters."
  • Catch unexpected events.
    Remember the meteor that was caught on Russian dashcams a couple of years ago? Or the plane crash in Taiwan? YouTube moments abound out there, and you just might be the one who catches the next big event!

In conclusion, the Drivers Pro-Tec Mobile Video Solution provides the driver with the next level of protection by providing them with the video evidence from all angles to prove their innocence.

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Hidden Mountain Security Systems Inc. is working hard towards being a dominant player in the emerging Mobile Video Surveillance market through our Drivers Pro-Tec brand. We want to give you the ability to monitor and record not just from the front, but also the sides and even the rear of your trucks. We have many years of experience in the trucking industry, so we know truckers and what your needs are.... Saving money, time and getting home safely!


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